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Mediana History

  • 01 Awarded commendation for University Industry cooperation in Medical Equipment Classification and characterization
  • 02 Commended for AED installation at vulnerable Emergency Medical areas
  • 10 Inno-Biz Consists of individual skill rating “A”maturity extension(15.10.11~’18.10.10)
  • 11 Selected to join KOTRA, Korea Trade Insurance Corp., Korea Export-Import Bank, jointly organized by the Small Business Corporation, the leading global procurement company(P300 project)
    Received award for excellent impression of Intellectual Property Management in the star enterprise sector (Korea Invention Promotion Association)
    Selected for the Global company specializing in enterprise development programs award(Industry generally Minister)
  • 12 Received the prize of 30 million dollars export tower by the Korea International Trade Association (The 52nd annual trade day)
  • 02 Signed ODM Agreement with Covidien for Homecare Pulse Oximeter Device (Big Bird)
  • 03 Awarded the Commerce and industry promotion prize at the 41st annual chamber of Commerce day (Governor of Gangwon-do)
  • 05 Selected as a candidate company of Global Specialty (Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy )
  • 07 Selected as a KB Hidden Star 500 company (KB bank)
  • 09 Certification of KICOX Global leader company (Korea Industrial Complex Corp)
    Patent registration for Information inputting device using an electromyogram signal, and method thereof
  • 10 Awarded 2014 medical equipment contest prize(Korea Electronics Association,Korea medical engineering association)-YM6000
    Listed on KOSDAQ(Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotation)
  • 01 New Technology Certification For ECG circuit for AED and Analysis Algorithm Self-Check technology (2013.01.02 ~ 2015.01.01,Ministry of health & welfare)
  • 06 Re- pending of Patent Priority Claim for AED system of elevator and thereof method
  • 10 Awarded the Prime Minister’s commendation for the eight annual of Electronic·IT day
    Patent pending for Apparatus and method for checking circuit and algorithm of ECG –
  • 12 Korea Government Award for accomplishment of 20mil US dollars export(The 50th annual trade day)
    Awarded the trade promotion commendation at the 50th annual trade day (Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy)
    Awarded the Industrial Technology First Prize (Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy )
  • 12 Signed ODM Agreement with Direct supply (YM1000)
    Introduced Mediana Defibrillator (D500)
  • 10 Established Mediana US sales office in Seattle USA
  • 06 Signed ODM Supply contract with Covidien for handheld Pulse Oximeter (“Pisces”)
  • 01 Signed ODM Supply contact with Metrax for Defibrillator (M420)
  • 12 Signed ODM Agreement with METRAX (Defibrillator)
  • 10 Entitled to FDA Certification for YM6000
  • 06 Entitled to FDA Certification for F10
    Signed ODM Supply contact with Covidien for table-top Pulse Oximeter (Libra)
  • 06 Entitled to FDA Certification for M20 / M30
  • 05 Signed ODM Supply contract with Fukuda Denshi for YM1000 and M30
  • 04 Signed ODM Supply contact with Fukuda Denshi for SKD components (DSL8001)
  • 03 Name of US company was changed to Mediana Tech(Mediana Technologies Corporation)
    Acquired Omron Colin Medical in Texas, USA as Mediana's US company
2009 ~ 2004
  • 2009. 02 Patent registration for "Intelligent NIBP device and adjustable interval time of measurement"
  • 2008. 11 Patent registration for "pulse oxymeter acceleration sensors detecting motion artifact"
  • 2005. 07 Entitled to FDA certification for model YM1000
  • 2004. 11 Signed ODM supply contract with Omron Healthcare (BPS-510)
    Signed ODM supply contract with Spacelabs Medical (mCare 300)
2003 ~ 2000
  • 2003. 11 Korea Government Award for accomplishment of 10mil US dollar export
  • 2002. 09 Signed ODM Agreement with Tyco for Multi-Color Patient Monitor (N5600)
  • 2001. 01 Signed ODM Agreement with Tyco for Pulse Oximeter (N560)
  • 2000. 07 Entitled to ISO 13485 by DNV
  • 2000. 01 Introduced Mediana Patient Monitoring System (YM5000)
1995 ~
  • 1995. 06 Incorporated to Mediana Co., Ltd.
  • 1993. 07 Founded Mediana